DSD & Marketing Strategy

DSD & Marketing Strategy

Dr. Florin Cofar / Dr. Vicente Berbís
Idioma curso: Inglés
16 mayo, 2015 - 18 mayo, 2015
Duración: 24 horas
Curso limitado a 15 personas
Precio:1.800 €
*Coffe-breacks, lunches and group dinner included

Dr. Florin Cofar / Dr. Vicente Berbís

Florin Cofar
Dentcof, Timisoara, Romania
Vicente Berbís
Berbís&Estela, Castellón, Spain

This course is a DSD extended course, including marketing strategy content that Dr. Cofar will share with us.

Dr. Cofar is world renowned for taking the DSD concept to a higher level through the use of videos on “emotional dentistry” to implement communication with the patient, and the organization of the dental clinic near this working protocol. He and Dr. Berbís will talk about interdisciplinary treatment planning and how to design the patient experience through the treatment sequence.


– Digital workflow in esthetic dentistry

– DSD concept – Computer Hands-on

– Interdisciplinary treatment planning

– Patient experience design

– Emotional content

– Photo & Video – Live Case

– Online and internal marketing

– Building and reinforcing your brand

– Wax-up and Mock-up – Live Case