DSD+ Interdisciplinary Connection

DSD+ Interdisciplinary Connection

Vicente Berbís
Idioma curso: Inglés
29 septiembre, 2016 - 30 septiembre, 2016
Duración: 16 horas
Curso limitado a 15 personas
Certificado del curso
Precio:980 €
*Coffe-breaks, lunches and group dinner included

Vicente Berbís

DSD Instructor

Esthetic dentistry means interdisciplinary integration. Our daily cases mostly involve orthodontic treatment not only about malocclusion but also pre-prosthetic, periodontal treatment that usually require to combine with restorative esthetic treatment, mucogingival therapy, and restorative treatments by using several materials and techniques such as porcelain veneers, composites, etc.

In order to achieve a good plan and integration of all these treatments, is important to develop not only technical skills but also educate the esthetic diagnostic, and here is where Digital Smile Design concept is a key point to:

  • Esthetic analysis and treatment planning.
  • Team communication and lab communication.
  • Patiente communication and treatment planning exposure for acceptance.

Key aspects of the course:

  • Interdisciplinary Treatment Plan DSD Concept assisted
  • Hands-on session on computers (Keynote/Mac). DSD step by step.
  • Photography and Video. Visual documentation for esthetic analysis, plan and presentation.
  • How to prepare and develop team clinical sessions.
  • Periodontal patient: esthetic management.
  • Orthodontic treatment: communication and esthetic follow-up during treatment.
  • Transferring DSD to the stone model.
  • DSD guided wax-up for mock-up. Live demo.
  • Motivational mock-up. Live demo with patient.

What you need:

  • Laptop. Mac with latest Keynote version running.
  • Your photo set-up (optional)