Full Anterior Composite
8-9th JUNE 2018
Curso clínico de carillas de porcelana CAD-CAM
Clinical CAD-CAM porcelain veneer course
Vicente BERBÍS - Lorant STUMPF - Belén VINAIXA  
28-30 JUNIO/JUNE 2018
Implante Unitario Anterior
Pablo PAVÓN - Vicente BERBÍS
9-10 NOVIEMBRE 2018


Implante Unitario Anterior

9 noviembre, 2018 - 10 noviembre, 2018Pablo Pavón
Vicente Berbís
“Replace” es un curso clínico que engloba 3 bloques: Conceptos teóricos Sesión de Hands-on Paciente en vivo Conceptos teóricos clave del curso: Implante unitario. Cirugía guiada para optimizar la estética en el sector anterior. Manejo del lecho postextracción e implante inmediato. Manejo de tejidos duros y blandos en la zona anterior. Abordaje quirúrgico

Clinical CAD-CAM Porcelain Veneer Course
Curso clínico de carillas de porcelana CAD-CAM

28 junio, 2018 - 30 junio, 2018Vicente Berbís
Lóránt Stumpf
Belén Vinaixa
Concept / Concepto “Rehab” is a clinical demonstration course “over-the-shoulder” on patient, about all processes related to smile rehabilitation by using adhesive techniques with CAD-CAM technology, and the natural algorithm concept presented in the past by Paulo Kano and developed later by other dentists and technicians as Lorant Stumpf, to get a fully-digital workflow

Full anterior composite

8 junio, 2018 - 9 junio, 2018Dan Lazar
The goal of this course is to achieve a systematic technique on composite restorations, layering, shaping and finishing them. In order to get longtime esthetic and biologic results, a precise isolation technique is necessary. High quality documentation of our pre and post situations and also a step by step register, will be showed

Equipo Docente

Vicente Berbís

DSD Lecturer